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With the growing kids and things piling up in the house, people face the problem of storage one or the other day. To deal with this problem, people of Woodford have come up with an outstanding idea of getting the useless space converted into a stylish room which can be used for different purposes as desired by the residents.


The designers have also come up with unique conversion tips to make use of the loft space along with other unused spaces in your house. The Woodford loft conversions specialists have got some highly innovative ideas to embed the loft space of your house to help you in extending your home. Here are some of the unique ways in which you can make use of your loft space: Contact us to more about us.

Multifunctional Room

The best way to make use of your loft space is to make it a multifunctional guest room. You can go for a sofa cum bed in your guest room which can be used to entertain the guests. In case, the guest has plan of an overnight stay, you can fold the sofa as a bed to help him have a good sleep. Attaching a private bathroom with the room will make it even easier for the guests to accommodate themselves in the room. The other thing is that the loft space is generally at the entrance of your house and separate from other rooms helping you to provide your guests with the needed privacy.

If you are in need of a study for your kids, you can use the converted room for the same purpose.