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In Europe loft conversions are becoming very popular day by day and they are also known as attic conversion. This is because everyone wants to get an extra space in their house in order to open office, to build extra bathroom or bedroom, a separate gaming area in their house many more.  When you want to do the conversion in your house then first you need to hire a professional contractor because it is a type of work that you cannot do it yourself and more than that in an attic conversion lot of planning and plotting needs to be done.Contact us to more about us.

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Factors to consider before the conversion

There are many types of attic conversions that you can choose from such as dormer conversion, roof window conversion, mansard conversion etc. These conversions can add a great value to your property and if you wanted to sell the property then because of this conversion you can an exceptional price for your house. But before making any final move you should look out for the following factors–

  • Attic conversion adds more weight to the foundation of the house, that’s why it is important for you to look that your house will be able to sustain the weight of the conversion or not. Your contractor can help you to find the answer of this question.
  • Consult with the contractor that how much head space you will get after the conversion, if you get proper head space then you can go for the conversion.

Take permission from the local authority so that you can get the approval for performing the conversion in your house. There are certain rules that you need to be followed during the conversion, so make sure that you get the conversion done under the regulations so as to avoid any trouble in future.