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The space is a constraint these days, especially in big cities due to increase in population and transfer of people from one place to another. The traditional methods were implemented in the past to overcome this problem. However, the scenario has changed and now more people are going for loft conversions.

Whether they are societies or residence complex, people are planning for loft conversions because of the following changes in the scenario. Contact us to know more.

Obtain space:

The Brentwood loft conversions are on the rise mainly because of the space constraint. People want more space and instead of extending the building used in gardens, they opt for loft conversions. This is beneficial since it will not only retain the garden space, but also the conversion is easy. It will not disrupt the existing structure of the building. By opting for loft conversions, you can save a considerable amount by utilising the unused space.

Rise in the price:

There is constant upward revision in the price of the properties. The developers focus on covering the roofs with cheap covers instead of loft spaces. However, with the increase in the price of the properties, it is not feasible to purchase large properties or go for extension in the existing properties. However, with the help of lofts, you can get additional rooms thus saving a lot of money, which can alternatively be invested for better returns.

Better occupancy:

The lofts in most cases are used for storage space or chimney stacks. It is estimated that almost 30% of the house area is occupied by the loft. These spaces are wastage of space, but in Brentwood loft conversions can be used to convert them into small bedrooms, study rooms or even bathing or washing rooms thereby increasing the capacity of per square feet.


It is necessary that you obtain the requisite permission from the local body or planning authorities before going for loft. Whether your residence is in the conversion region or you are opting for roof light fit dormers, you will require permission from concerned authorities. Permission is also required, if you have added dormer windows or previous extensions already done in the properties.

Overall, loft conversion seems to be a better option rather than planning for purchasing a new property of taking away the play space of children. It not only saves money, but increases the utilization of unused space too.