As years pass by and children grow up, you realise that the space in your house is just not adequate. You need more rooms to accommodate the children. Now, moving out is not an option as it is too expensive. It is for these reasons that loft conversions or families usually prefer extensions.

Expansions Could Help You Get A Higher Price:


Thankfully, the government has relaxed the rules around extensions, so it is not that much of a bother today, as it would have been a number of years ago. Looking for more info? Please Click Here.

It has been found out by economists that homes with extra rooms and bathrooms are sold at an increased rate. So, a refurbishment Romford such as a loft conversion as well as an extra bathroom could raise the value of your house by 23%.

Other than that, it is often believed that a house with more floor space:

  • Offers value for money.
  • Is much better maintained
  • Requires a lot less remodelling if bought from the previous owner

Companies on websites offer their services:

Before opting for any company:

  • Get some firsthand information about that company.
  • Ask them to show you some of their work as well as to allow you to talk to some of their previous clients.
  • Obtain a written document for the entire procedure to safeguard you against any harm.

While opting for a refurbishment Romford, be careful of swindlers and cheats. Do not be fooled to accept a deal just because the company offers you a cheap price neither go for extremely expensive providers because there is no guarantee whatsoever that they are really as good as they claim to be.